All about Lavor Punch Needles

Lavor punch needles are the newest addition to my shop and I love them!

The metal is really high quality and the handle is made of a recycled plastic. BONUS? You can get a case for the needles as well to carry them wherever you want to . It's extra sturdy and fits the thinnest needles plus the 4 or 5.5mm one. WIN-WIN!

So, let's look at the needles one by one.

LAVOR 5.5 mm

The thickest needle is great for the following yarns:

Size 5 bulky and size 6 super bulky

You can use thinner yarn as well by using 2 or 3 strands.

LAVOR 4 mm

Size 4 / medium / worsted:
  • Michael's Impeccable Yarn - by far the most favorite in terms of texture and size
  • Red Heart Super Saver yarn - a bit thinner and feels lower quality, but it works
  • Hobby Lobby I love this yarn - pretty comparable to the red heart yarn
  • Joann's Big Twist Value Yarn
  • Caron One Pound Yarn - nice texture, but it only comes in one pound size

    Here are the two side by side :)

    LAVOR for embroidery

    The thinnest needle works really well with embroidery thread or finer yarns. More info below!

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