myra and jean how to make punch needle frame


myra and jean punch needle frame

To make your own frame with this simple method, you'll need:

- 4 stretcher bars of the desired size

- a piece of monk's cloth or linen that has 4 extra inches in every direction
(for a 11x14 in frame you'll need to cut a piece that is 15x18 inches)

- stapler

you can get a DIY kit from my shop with stretcher bars of desired size and two choices of fabric by clicking HERE or a pre-stretched frame HERE

myra and jean punch needle frame

Get 4 stretcher bars of your desired size ready and connect them together.

myra and jean punch needle frame

Lay the frame on your fabric making sure it aligns with the thread. It'll look better if it's as straight as possible. 

punch needle frame

Fold about an inch of the fabric on one side 

Then fold again and staple about every 2 inches.

It should look something like this

Then move to the opposite side from what you've just stapled, pull the fabric as much as you can while keeping the threads in line with the bars and staple.

When stapling the third side, pull just enough to feel tension. I like to pull the center a bit more so the line on the fabric appears curved. This gets fixed when you'll staple the last sinde.

When stapling the last side pull as much as possible. This will ensure a nice, tight-like-a-drum surface to punch on. It'll punch beautifully!

Lastly, the corners - pinch the two sides together, fold the tip over and staple.

And here it is!

If you have any sagging make sure to re-staple. To test if it's tight enough, drop a quarter on the surface and see if it bounces! If it doesn't it needs to be re-stretched.

If it bounces you're ready to go! Enjoy ;)

You can also watch how to make it below!

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