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I created this kit to help support BLACK LIVES MATTER. It is my interpretation of all of us living in harmony. It's a goal far from reaching, but we can get there if we work hard. I hope this piece will remind you of the cause as you're working on it and that it serves as a conversation piece with your family and friends once they see it hanging in  your home. 

30% of all proceeds will go towards an organization I will choose. 

The kit contains everything you need to start right after you open the box.

  • 10x10 inch frame with fabric stretched on it (stretched on by me, frame by frame, hence the processing times :) )

  • printed design you can apply to whichever side you prefer to punch on ( traditionally punch needle is applied from the back and loops form on the other side, but some people prefer the punched side to be the front. Please, refer to my instagram and resources to learn more. I also talk more about this in my online course!)

  • high quality acrylic yarn carefully selected and weighted for each color

  • (optional) punch needle tool. if you already have one you can select "without punch needle" option.

  • link to a written and video instructions that will be emailed to you after the purchase with shipping confirmation

  • When I made this kit I sculpted it, but you don't have to do so!


Processing times for kits are 1-2 weeks and they're shipped USPS priority mail and USPS first class international.

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