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I hear ya: "Andie, I love The Punch Box, but sometimes I'd love to venture out and make my own design."

You're the artist with this stretcher bar + fabric combo!

You get to pick your size for height and width of the frame and the kind of fabric you'd like to use for your project!

The stretcher bars come unassembled, but you will get directions on how to make your own frame. 

Size options are 8", 10", 12", 14" and the fabric will be cut based on the size of the frame you choose and the edges will be serged to prevent fraying.

Your choice is

  • monk's cloth (the lighter) that has white lines every 2 inches to help you align your design. Monk's cloth has a bit more stretch than linen.
  • mixed linen - a mix of lighter and darker warp and weft (threads the fabric is made of). Linen is more see through than monk's cloth.

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