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My favorite punch needles

When I started my punch needle journey (not that long ago - 2017!) there was ONE punch needle on the market. No wait, there were two :) No joke. The world of punch needle has come a long way since then and the market has plenty to offer.

The main thing to remember when picking a punch needle:

  • what size of yarn will you use with it? You can't use super thick yarn with a needle with a thin tip and vice versa. The general rule of thumb is if it flows through the needle easily it'll work, but it can't be too thin because the hole the needle punches will be too big to envelop the yarn in. I have a blog post on yarns and I give you a selection based on punch needles I've used :)

I love creating texture with punch needle so adjustable punch needle is a must. What does that mean? It means you can select how long your loops will be and you can play and do various lengths within a project.

The example below refers to the blue adjustable needle. See how different the loops look with different settings?

Not all punch needles can do that, but I love the ones that do because I can play.

I've used this punch needle for a variety of projects until I found one that is of higher quality - the Lavor needle, or needles! They have a couple based on how thick your yarn is which is amazing. The metal is such a high quality it punches through fabric like through butter. The plastic is recycled and it's all made in Portugal. WIN.

They now make one with extended handles so punching for longer periods of time is a breeze!

If you want to see what yarn you can use with which needle you can test OR check out my post on yarn hehe.

If you like to work on a smaller scale the embroidery punch needle is for you!

You can use embroidery thread with it as well as some thinner yarns and you need a linen polyester blend fabric with tighter weave, but not embroidery fabric.

I'm sorry, I'm not an expert on this one as I mainly work with thicker yarns!

If you want to learn from me, I offer

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