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Myra and Jean

Stretcher Bars

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$1.80 USD
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$2.00 USD
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$1.80 USD


Choose your size, connect them and you're ready to stretch your fabric on!

Each standard stretcher bar measures 11/16” x 1-9/16” (1.75cm x 4.03cm) and feature a tongue-and-groove design.

Use of finger joints reduces waste and improves stability and all bars are knot-free.

The stretcher bar wood is sourced from managed sustainable forests primarily in the North Western U.S. They are kiln-dried and precision cut using state-of-the-art computer driven milling machines to ensure a smooth and tight fit.

SOLD IN PAIRS - order 1 pack of 8inch and one pack of 10 inch, for example. Shipping calculated based on weight.