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myra and jean

Lavor Adjustable Embroidery Punch Needle

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This punch needle is great for punch needle embroidery.

The handle is made of recycled plastic and it comes with 3 tips (2, 2.5 and 3 mm) made of high quality metal. The tips can be moved inside the handle so you can adjust the length of your loops. So fun!

It can to be used with embroidery thread and some thin yarns, especially ones for crochet. I love using Aunt Lydia size 3 with the thickest tip. 

Best fabric to use is linen polyester blend. 

Includes one tool and one threader.

You can use the needle in the traditional punch needle way or you can have some fun like I did HERE.

OPTIONAL and not included - Lavor Punch Needle case that is awesome and actually fits both this and the thick Lavor needle can be purchased HERE.

Watch all about lavor punch needles in the video HERE.

Made in Portugal