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What is punch needle rug hooking?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

It's simpler than you think and let me show you why :)

Punch needle rug hooking has been around for generations. It's a rug making technique that uses punch needle as a tool. There is rug hooking that actually uses a hook as well so not to confuse the two.

Punch needle offers a quicker way to make a rug because of the continuous flow of yarn going through it. Take a look below. Cool, huh?

The stitches are what you see above the fabric and loops are what you see below. The reason is that punch needle rug hooking is worked from the back of the fabric - all the fluff is on the other side.

Punch needle offers a variety of options and I personally LOVE the texture it creates. I've come a long way since I started in 2017 and I am currently focusing most of my energy on sculpting my projects. Here are some examples of my work.

How to - Basics

Are you ready to learn? Let's do it! Click the video below to learn the basics.

Sculpting post is coming!

If you want to learn from me, I offer

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